1. Mowing usually begins in Late March or April.
  2. Mowing is completed on a weekly basis, usually on the same day each week, weather permitting.
  3. During each mowing visit our crew will mow the property and assess the edging and determine if it needs done.  Some properties only require this every other visit, especially in the hot temperatures.  The crew will also blow the grass from all the surfaces and beds to leave a neat and tidy look.  Be advised that sometimes it is unavoidable to not get grass in the mulch beds, but we do our best to blow as much out as we can without removing too much of the mulch.
  4. Weeds will be picked or sprayed in the turf & beds and the landscaping tidied up each visit if you are on a full service plan.  See "Full Service Maintenance Program" under our Service link.
  5. During the warmer season our crew will show up each week to determine if the yard needs mowed.  If it is not advisable to mow it, they will return the next week and assess again.  Not all properties need mowed every week during the summer months and is actually harmful to mow if it does not need it.
  6. Please Contact Us with any specific question or for a pricing quote.