Our full service maintenance program is designed to take ALL the yard work out of your hands and place them in ours.  We will handle EVERY outdoor maintenance task from the time the weather breaks in the spring until the snow flies in the winter. Contact us today to learn more about tailoring a package for you.

Time Line of Services

  1. Late February early March - Spring cleanup.  Tidy up all the beds from the winter abuse.  Remove any leaves left from the fall and any grasses or perennials left standing.

  2. Mid March - Trimming of shrubs and trees, edging of beds, and spring mulching begins.   

  3. Late March early April - Round 1 of fertilization with crabgrass prevention.

  4. April or before mowing season - Aeration & Over seeding (Optional based on the thickness and maturity of your yard)

  5. April - Start of mowing season.  We will mow once a week as well as edge all beds, walks, and driveways.  We will also pick weeds and keep the beds tidy.  During the summer months we will monitor the grass and only mow if it needs its.  It is not healthy to mow every week if the grass has not grown enough to mow the top layer off.  During the weedy months we will also spot spray any weeds in the turf and beds as needed.

  6. May (optional) - Time to plant your summer annuals.  Remember, a good rule of thumb is wait until after Mother's Day to avoid a late spring frost.

  7. Early to Mid May -Round 2 of fertilization with weed kill and prevention a priority. 

  8. Late May to Mid June - Round 3 of fertilization with weed kill and prevention a priority.

  9. Late June through August - Summer trimming of all shrubs and trees.

  10. Early July - Round 4 of fertilization with grub control (optional) and weed control.

  11. Early September - Round 5 of fertilization with weed control.  This is also a good time to to reseed any dead or thin area of the yard.

  12. Late September - Aeration & Over seeding (Highly recommended for a continued healthy and plush lawn)

  13. October - Fall cleanups begin.  Trimming of any shrub or tree that needs it, cutting down of any grasses or perennials, re-edging of beds, and a general tidy up before the winter.

  14. Mid November - Final mowing of the year will take place as well as leaf removal. 

  15. Late November - Round 6 of fertilization.

Full Service Maintenance Program