Purdue University Turfgrass Science Program

  • ​A description of maintenance chores for Indiana lawns developed by Purdue University Dept. of Agriculture.
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Typical Treatment Program

  1. Late March early April - Round 1 of fertilization and crab grass prevention.  This is an extremely important application to get the lawn to green up as well as prevent pesky crab grass.
  2. April - Over seeding or Aeration.  (Optional)
  3. Mid to late May - Round 2 of fertilization and weed control and prevention.
  4. June - Round 3 for weed control on lawns that are prone to excessive broadleaf weeds.  
  5. July - Round 4 of fertilization, grub control (Optional), and weed control.
  6. September - Round 5 of fertilization, weed control, and grub control if they were not present in July.  This is also the best time to reseed or sod any bare or thin spots in the yard as August 15-September 15 is the optimal time to seed.
  7. Late September - Aeration.  (Highly Recommended) 
  8. Late November - Round 6 of fertilization. This round is to ensure a healthy and green start for the next year.

J. Stacy Landscaping LLC is a fully licensed applicator for all your turf fertilization and weed control needs.  We offer competitive rates for our treatment programs.  We offer 6 through 8 applications.  The 7 & 8 application programs include fall/spring aeration and over seeding.  Contact Us today for a quote on your specific yard.  

Lawn Treatment